How to download videos from YouTube Directly without any Software

Hello everyone, Till now you use third party software/app for downloading YouTube video and now you feel bore and awkward. So, no need to worry here I m going to show you how to download videos from YouTube video directly without any Software?

YouTube is the second largest search engine. And YouTube is largest platform for videos. Here you can see all the videos like movie trailers, TV Serials, Movie songs, Album Videos etc almost all videos in the world are available here.

You also can upload your video, your friend’s video and you also can earn money through YouTube by uploading videos. You can read my article “How to earn money from YouTube?

Now come to our point how to download videos from YouTube directly without any software.

Friends we know that lots of applications are available on internet for downloading YouTube videos. But they all are not easy to use because, first you have to download that software and then you have to install it and run on your system. After that you don’t know how to use that software properly. So, it goes to be a very hectic. And YouTube do not allow downloading videos.

So, the point is that, How to download videos from YouTube directly without app?

How to download videos from YouTube directly without any Software

Friends, here I am going to show you two tricks to downloading videos from YouTube. You can easily download video from YouTube. You have to make some changes in URL and your video will start downloading.

Trick №1

Step-1: First of all, open the video on YouTube what do you want to download.

Step-2: After that go to the URL and make a change as in next step.

Step-3: Add “ss” after www. And just before “” in URL as given in image below.

Step-4: After adding “ss” in URL hit enter button.

Step-5: Your video will be open in next page. Example given in image.

Step-6: Now you have to choose the format in which format do you want to download your selected video?

Step-7: Then click on download button your video will be start downloading.

Benefits of this trick

  1. It is absolutely free.
  2. It is risk free and no security issue.
  3. And you can download any YouTube and it works on many popular websites.

Trick №2

Friends in this trick I am going to tell you about a website from where you can easily download your videos from YouTube.

Step-1: First, open YouTube in internet browser and click on video what you want to download.

Step-2: Now copy the URL of that video.

Step-3: Then open new Tab and enter and visit to this site.

Step-4: Here you will see a search bar. Paste that copied URL what did you copy from YouTube and click on continue.

Step-5: Select the video format and click on Start button.

Step-6: Now click on Download button. Your video will be start downloading.

So friends, I hope you like these cool tricks. You can easily download YouTube videos by using these small and simple tricks. No need to waste your time on other applications or software.

So, do you like my article “How to download video from YouTube directly without any Software? Or do you have any query about this topic then write me in comment. Thank you and have a nice day.


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