How Being Single Can Help Improve Your Life and Income

Being without a partner is not as bad as you may think it is. Not only do you have the unlimited freedom to actually live it up and also the chance to build and focus on self-love, your finances also get a breather, too!

While you may have heard all the great reasons why being single is a great chance to put your life together, these money-themed advantages are some more reasons why being single is really, really a great time:

Typically, you would need a smaller place when you are by yourself than when you are married. [Credit: kate sept2004 /Getty]

1.  Cheaper rent

You could actually just choose to stay with your folks and pay little or some money monthly, as opposed to having to fork out money to landlords every year.

Even if you prefer the privacy and freedom of living outside your folk’ home, chances are that you will rent a smaller space than what you would need if you were married or living with a partner.

2. Spend less on food

Like I already wrote here, food is a very great part of dating and relationships in general. You are either getting food for each other, or making meals for two.

Single people do not have to worry about this. Less money on food means there’s more to save – if you choose to.

It is imperative to spend adequate time with a partner when you are in a relationship. This makes an extra job a little more difficult.

3. Side hustles

Having one job saps enough energy and time, imagine having two!

People who are in relationships always need time for each other so being in one could mean letting go of other money-making opportunities in order to make time for your partner and make the relationship work.

On the other hand, when you are single, you have time on your hands to pursue that money.

Instead of spending your money n dates and other relationship things, you can save your money or spend it on spoiling yourself. [Credit everyday feminism]

4. No pressure to spend

Valentine’s day, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, holidays, special dates and nights out, random gifts… here are expenses you get to miss out on when you are single and have no partner to bother about.

Of course, there will come a time when you will get a partner and making these expenses will be done gladly and with so much affection in your heart, but till then, you can save your money or spend it on spoiling yourself.


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